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Court Reporters

Accurate, Hard-Working and Dedicated to Colorado

Pike Reporting Company is a full service court reporting firm that can provide court reporters and legal videographers for all of your deposition needs. As the premier provider of Colorado court reporters, we will provide unique solutions for your deposition, transcription, and legal video deposition needs.

Scheduling Peace of Mind

When you schedule one of our court reporters, you will immediately receive confirmation that your deposition is on our calendar. Prior to your deposition, you will receive a second written confirmation that identifies all of the details of your deposition or hearing. Finally, our Scheduling Manager will call you 24 hours prior to the deposition or hearing to confirm that it is still going forward. We understand that last minute changes frequently happen in litigation so if you need to cancel, our scheduling team is available to you 24/7.

Court Reporting Services Focused on Quality

Our stenographers and digital court reporters are committed to providing the most accurate transcript possible. Every transcript is reviewed by a court reporter, transcriptionist, proofreader/scopist, quality control specialist, production specialist and billing administrator before it leaves our office. Multiple sets of eyes ensure that our deposition transcripts are always accurate. When you choose one of our Pike Court Reporters, you can be sure that your transcript is a verbatim recitation of the deponent's testimony.

Real-time Court Reporting

Real-time court reporters provide access to the deposition transcript while the testimony takes place and you will be given a rough draft copy of the transcript at the end of the deposition. This allows the attorneys at the deposition to closely review the testimony of the deponent while at the deposition. Moreover, it provides you with an accurate transcript that can immediately be used at other depositions, hearings or legal matters than may occur on the same day.

Our Court Reporters Provide All of the Following

Standard Services

  • Deposition Transcript Produced within Seven Days
  • Full-Sized Transcript Provided By Your Court Reporter
  • Condensed Transcript
  • Word Index
  • e-Transcript
  • Exhibits Scanned to PDF
  • PDF Transcripts with Electronic Exhibits Linked
  • Online Scheduling
  • Court Reporters Specializing in Technical Expert Witness Testimony and Complex Litigation
  • Free transcript viewer for your mobile devices
  • All of the court reporting services listed above are included in our industry-leading rates. We have implemented standardized business practices and invested in cutting edge technologies so as to offer the lowest court reporting rates in Colorado while actually improving the quality of your service. We guarantee the best rates.

Also Available

  • Daily Copy Rush
  • Any Expedited Rush
  • Realtime
  • Realtime Demo Computer
  • Rough ASCII
  • Searchable Multimedia CD
  • Videoconferencing
  • Transcript in ANY Format
  • Video Services
  • Conference Rooms Available
  • Pre-discovery Document Scanning and Online Storage
  • Data Compatible with all Litigation Software Formats
  • Video Conference Centers
  • Please note that these services are not part of our standard package and may include additional charges. We will work to find an economical solution for all of your needs.

Our court reporters take pride in our company name because we are committed to bringing the best service possible across Colorado. Court reporting is the cornerstone of Pike and our focus is delivering accurate transcripts to you as quickly as possible. Our stenographers are supported by an in-house staff who are on standby to take your calls. We can generally cover any deposition with as little as an hour's notice (or less). Give us a call to understand how Pike Reporting Company is changing the court reporting industry in Colorado.

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